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Suicide Tourist

Craig Ewert, the suicide tourist in Zurich Switzerland, with his wife Mary.

Craig Ewert
Craig Ewert dictates a letter to his children prior to leaving for his assisted suicide in Switzerland.

Craig Ewert & Mary

Craig Ewert, along with his wife Mary, hears final instructions from Dignitas escort Arthur Bernhard prior to taking a fatal dose of barbiturates.

George & Betty Coumbias
George and Betty Coumbias are potential suicide tourists who travel to Switzerland to explore the possibility of dying together with the assistance of the Swiss Organization Dignitas.

Suicide Tourists
George and Betty Coumbias discuss their assisted suicide options with the director of Dignitas, Ludwig Minelli.


Through these two intimate, compelling, and controversial stories, we will understand the difficult choices these couples have made; choices we, or our friends and family members, will be faced with at some point in our lives.




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