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“College Days, College Nights”

Sixteen university students search for knowledge, love, sex – and a path to their future –as we follow them through one school year. Partying, clubs, sports, and politics leave little time for classes, or sleep. But the school experience is only part of the story. The pressures of the university years include the growing pains of personal and family relationships. College Days, College Nights is a fascinating look at the transition from teenager to adult as seen through the cameras of both Oscar®-winning director John Zaritsky and the students themselves.

The characters, undergrads chosen from all faculties and school years with a wide spectrum of personalities and interests, were given video cameras to record their most personal thoughts and fears. In addition to the professional crews, a team of film students shot throughout the 2003-04 school year, capturing events and behavior the ‘adults’ could not have witnessed.

A would-be actress in an emotional freefall, a star athlete forced to give up the spotlight, the aspiring nurse seduced by her new-found independence, the frat-boy hunk whose traditional parents can’t accept his new life; these are just some of the fascinating real-life stories of College Days, College Nights.


“College Days, College Nights” is a six-hour series consisting of three episodes which each feature the complete stories of five or six characters.




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